Our dear Reader!

The main aim of the «Altaistics, Turkology, Mongolistics» journal is to regularly publish high—quality analyses and Turkological researches on the language, literature, culture, history, ethnography, archaeology, philosophy and other aspects of the common spiritual values of the Turkic and Altai peoples. It is among our key objectives to evaluate the contribution of the Turkic civilization to the human civilization, boost the visibility of the Turkic heritage and create a common cultural, spiritual and intellectual realm for the Turkic world.

The cultural legacy of the people with shared histories is the key subject of the scientific investigations being systematically undertaken at the Turkic Academy. Fruitful results, verified conclusions and novel discoveries of these researches will be published in this journal.

Dear readers, our editorial board hopes to receive articles on vital topics in the fields of Altaistics,Turkology and Mongolistics from you in the future.

Sincerely yours, Darkhan Kydyrali