Dear Readers!

    The International Turkic Academy, founded on the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, serves as an intellectual platform that gives impetus to the development of world Turkic studies, and plays a coordinating role in the development of science in the Turkic world, establishing close ties with the world scientific community and Turkic scholars.

The journal “Altaistics, Turkology, Mongolistics”, published since 2011, covers the fundamental issues of Altaistics, Turkology, Mongolian studies, Manchu studies, Japanese studies, Korean studies in the fields of archeology, ethnoarcheology, history, source study, historiography, ethnolinguistics, folklore, literature, ethnology as well as in other areas of the humanities.

At the same time, the Academy created an international Association, the purpose of which is to comprehensively study the heritage of the peoples of the Altai family i.e. numerous ethnic groups that have inhabited the vast Eurasian space since ancient times: their history, archaeological heritage, languages, folklore and literature, ethnography.

We hope that the journal “Altaistics, Turkology, Mongolistics” will give impetus to comprehensive and relevant scientific research on the historical and cultural ties of the peoples of the Altai family, both among themselves and with other peoples of Eurasia.

We look forward to receiving from you new materials and articles for the journal!


Chief editor                                                  Darkhan Kydyrali                                



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