Bayarsaikhan D.


I have tried to state about the origin of the Uliastai city. To consider Sangiin Hot which was established in 1733 as the origin of Uliastai city cannot match with nowadays research. According to the research and other sources, it can be seen that Uliastai city of nowadays could exist at the riverside of the Chigestei River, on the back side of Khangai Mountain range in Xiongnu era. Also there are some facts which stated that Chinese scientist, monk Chani Chuni traveled via Ulias villa in 1225. Another fact is stated that authorities of Zasagt Khans build their palaces here. According to these facts it can be considered Uliastai city has the ancient origin, but Manchus founded their Sangiin City based on this villa.

Keywords: Uliastai, Ancient city, City of Finance, The Xiongnu Empire, Zhao
Xin, Chigistei river.

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Баярсайхан Д. Улиастай дахь эртний хотын туурь // Алтаистика, түркология, монголистика. – 2020 – №4 – б.31-50.

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