Batbold N.


The changes of administrative system in Mongolia was also a reason to change the social position of the aristocracy, which had been a symbol of society in the past. One example was the process by which hereditary princes were promoted to the position of governer. On the one hand, this was the beginning of their efforts to reduce their political influence. This led to the confiscation and repression of their property.
It was changing the administration system that transformed hereditary nobles of the banner to elected governors. The process put the aristocrats of Golden lineage far away from their political and economic powers. It also created an unfavourable condition of blurring the Mongol origin. The nobles supported the People Government; therefore, they accepted the radical change and co-organized the new administration system. Due to their policy was to the continuous action of Mongol State. However, the reducing of aristocrats’ power influenced their economic power badly and confiscated their property. Ultimately, the change made the hereditary nobles a victim of political persecution.

Keywords: governors, administrative change

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Батболд Н. Угсаа залгамжилсан засаг ноёдыг засаг дарга болгосон нь // Алтаистика, тюркология, монголистика. – 2020 – №4 – б. 120-129.

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