The Editorial board of the international scientific journal on “Altaistics, Turkology, Mongolistics” in its activity follows the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of June 10, 1996 No. 6-I “On copyright and related rights (with amendments of November 24, 2015) and international standards of ethics of scientific publications, developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics.
The authors are responsible for the content of an article and the reliability of facts and information provided. Authors should present only verified results of their research.
The author guarantees that the scientific research sent for publication is original and has not been previously published.
The authors ensure the absence of plagiarism and other forms of improper replicating in the manuscript. The authors are obliged to indicate the sources of quotations and other information in the published material.
The authors should respond questions of reviewers and provide necessary additional information in the shortest possible time. Also, if necessary, the article should be further elaborated as soon as possible.
Procedure for reviewing articles
The material for publication is sent to two reviewers. In case of one negative and one positive review, the work is sent to the third reviewer.
The review of materials for publication is anonymous.
Reviewers are required to conduct an expert examination of the material from an objective point of view. The reviewer expresses his opinion clearly and justifiably.
Reviewers in the review should note the absence of references to important previously published works on the topic of the article.
Reviewers may not use the manuscript information without the written consent of the author.
Editorial Ethics
The received manuscript is a confidential document. The information stated in the work cannot be used by the editorial staff, reviewers and members of the Editorial board or transmitted to third parties without written permission of the author.
The editors have no right to publish plagiarism and improper replicating in the manuscript.
The editor undertakes all necessary measures to carry out objective analysis and examination of scientific papers sent for publication.
The Editorial board is responsible for the publication of scientifically important original works. The Editorial board takes decision to accept or reject the manuscript based on the evaluation of the reviewers.

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