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The journal “ALTAISTICS, TURKOLOGY, MONGOLISTICS” is an open access scientific journal that publishes the results of complex, interdisciplinary research on the problems of Altaistics, Türkology and Mongolistics, dedicated to history, ethnography, written monuments, language, folklore and literature of peoples speaking the languages of the Turkic, Mongolian and, more broadly, the Altai language family, corresponding to international standards for indexed journals.

The editorial board of the international scientific journal “Altaistics, Turkology, Mongolistics” in its work is guided by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 6-I “On Copyright and Related Rights” dated June 10, 1996, as well as international standards of ethics of scientific publications prepared by the Publications Ethics Committee.

  • Frequency: 4 times a year.
  • Founder and publisher: International Turkic Academy
  • ISSN: 2788-4090 (online) ISSN: 2788-4090 (print)
  • Registered: in the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 04.06.2018.
  • Language of publications: Turkic, Mongolian, English, Russian
  • Articles are published for free

Editorial office address:

     «Diplomatic town» №32
Street Е-179,
Nur-Sultan, 010000, The Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel: +7 (701) 7271613
Electronic version of the journal: http://altaistics.org/

    е-mail: atjournal@twesco.org, napilbaz@gmail.com, aasem-dariya72@mail.ru

Journal concept

The journal “Altaistics, Turkology, Mongolistics” is an open access scientific journal that publishes the results of complex research on the problems of Altaistics, Turkology, Mongolistics – the field of humanitarian, social knowledge about the history and culture of the Turkic peoples, which determine its unique socio-cultural identity.

The aim of the journal is to highlight the contribution of the Turkic civilization to the universal civilization, increase the recognition of the Turkic heritage and create a common cultural, spiritual and intellectual space of the Turkic world, as well as unite the efforts of Turkic scholars from different countries of the world.

New theoretical and methodological approaches in Altaistics, Turkology, Mongolistics, new research problems and perspectives for their solution are relevant for the publication. The publication pays great attention to contemporary problems of the development of the Turkic world, its society and culture.

The journal publishes original research articles, reviews, news reports.

Thematic areas:

Altaistics: comparative historical research, diachronous-synchronic comparisons, reconstruction of the prototype;

Turkology: historical sources, archaeological excavations, linguistic research, socio-cultural features, cultural heritage, problems of museification;

Mongolistics: ethnoarchaeological and linguistic studies, history and ethnography of the Mongols, Mongolian sources, historical and cultural ties of the Turkic-Mongol peoples.

Editorial board

Chief Editor

Kydyrali Darkhan – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Editorial team

Akhmetov Adil – Sc.Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (Kazakhstan)

Alimbay Nursan – Sc.Doctor of History, Professor (Kazakhstan)

Barbara Kellner-Heinkele – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (Germany)

Chuluun Sampildondov – Sc.Doctor of History, Member of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia (Mongolia)

Dybo Anna – Sc.Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Corresponding Member of RAS (Russia)

Egorov Nikolay – Sc.Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (Russia)

Ercilasun Ahmet – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (Turkey)

Funk Dmitry – Doctor of History, Professor (Russia)

Habibbeyli Isa – Sc.Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, member NAS (Azerbaijan)

Johansson Lars – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (Germany)

Khisamitdinova Firdaus – Sc.Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (Bashkortostan)

Kocaoglu Timur – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (USA)

Konkobaev Kadyraly – Sc.Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (Kyrgyzstan)

Kumekov Bolat – Sc.Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)

Kyzlasov Igor – Sc.Doctor of History, Professor (Russia);

Obrushansky Borbala – Doctor of History, Professor (Hungary)

Ocal Oguz – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (Turkey)

Popova Irina – Sc.Doctor of History, Professor (Russia)

Sidtikov Ayrat – Sc.Doctor of History, Professor (Russia, Tatarstan)

Smagulov Orazak. – Sc. Doctor of History, Professor, Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)

Tseveendorzh Dandinsuren – Sc.Doctor of History, Professor, member of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia (Mongolia)

Editorial council

Boboyorov Gaibolla – Sc.Doctor of History (Uzbekistan)

Butanayev Victor – Sc.Doctor of History, Professor (Russia, Khakassia)

Henryk Jankowski – PhDr., Professor (Poland)

Ivanich Marie – PhDr., Professor (Hungary)

Khudyakov Yuliy – Sc.Doctor of History (Russia)

Khurtsbaatar Solongod – PhDr., Professor (Germany)

Kuzmina Evgeniya – Sc.Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (Russia)

Pilipchuk Yaroslav Sc.Doctor of Philosophy (Ukraine)

Qushqumbayev Aybolat – Sc.Doctor of History, Professor (Kazakhstan)

Sabitov  Zhaqsylyq- Ph.Dr. (Kazakhstan)

Shamiloglu Yulai – PhDr, Professor (USA)

Tabaldiyev Kuatbek – Sc.Doctor of History, Professor (Kyrgyzstan)

Taşağıl Ahmet – Doctor of History (Turkey)

Tazhibaeva Saule – Sc.Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (Kazakhstan)

Tishin Vladimir – Candidate of History, (Russia)

Tsagaany Turbat – Sc.Doctor of History, Professor (Mongolia)

Tuleubaev Abdesh – Sc.Doctor of History (Kazakhstan)

Responsible editors

Abayeva Asem- Dariya

Bazylkhan Napil

Toyshanuly Akedil

Tolegenuly Bekbolat

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