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  • On the “Submit an article” page, study the information one by one and fill in the required fields of all the indicated tabs: “1. Full name “,” 2. Your email ”,“ 3. Title of the article “,” 4. Abstract “,” 5. Attach a file “,” 6. Send”.
  • We recommend leaving all tabular forms, diagrams and a list of captions to illustrations in the article file. All file downloads are completed after clicking the “6.Send” button in the “5. Attach a file “.

Terms of copyright transfer

The editors use the author’s works in accordance with Article 10, Copyright in Composite Works. The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 9, 2004 No. 586

Article 11. Copyright in Composite Works
1. The author of the collection and other composite works (compiler) owns the copyright for the selection and (or) arrangement of materials, which are the result of creative work (compilation), carried out by him/her.
The compiler shall enjoy copyright provided that he/she respects the rights of the authors of each of the works included in the composite work.
Authors of works included in a composite work have the right to use their works independently of the composite work, unless otherwise provided by the author’s agreement.
The copyright of the compiler does not prevent other persons from independently selecting and (or) arranging the same materials to create composite works.

2. The publisher that publishes encyclopedias, encyclopedic dictionaries, periodicals and continuing collections of scientific works, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, has the exclusive rights to use such publications as a whole. The publisher has the right, in any use of such publications, to indicate its name or to demand such an indication.
Authors of works included in such publications retain exclusive rights to use their works independently of the publication as a whole.

Privacy Statement

  • The authors are responsible for the factual materials and data in the articles. The materials posted in the journal reflect the personal point of view of the authors, which may differ from the point of view of the editorial board.
  • Names and email addresses will be used solely for the purposes indicated by this journal and will not be used for any other purpose or provided to other individuals and organizations.
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